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10 March 2012 | No Comments

Hello yet again. It's been about a month since my new website went live and I have been really busy with some university exams and some other projects of mine.

This short post is going to be about a simple idea I had a few months back, after I got back to Greece from the UK and this time it's going to be pretty simple and effective.

So let me get to it.

It's really simple, stripped down to the core, involving a font we all love to hate and if you have a design background you might have figured out what I am writing about already.

But there is a twist. There is a sort of experiment included and even though in the beginning it'll be all me, eventually you (yes, you, mister reader) will get the chance to contribute.

That's all for now. Hope to have it live in a month or two (really busy those days and for days to come) and I might also have a good announcement to make soon.

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