DummyText.js released

In: Javascript Jquery

2 January 2013 | No Comments

Hello. It's been a long time since I posted something on my blog.

This new year's eve, I decided to do some work on a small project I had in mind for quite sometime. This one is aimed at front-end developers who want an easy and clean way to generate lots of random text on their projects for testing purposes.

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ImgReplacer on GitHub - Simple jQuery Plugin for Responsive image selection

In: Jquery Javascript

28 March 2012 | No Comments

I recently came in contact with another web designer/developer and he asked me if I could develop a jQuery slideshow/gallery plugin like Flexslider but with a way to choose which image to display, dependent on the browsers width.

Enter ImgReplacer. An ultra simple, lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin to choose which image should be displayed depending on the browser's width. That way, you can serve a small image for mobile users and avoid the use of extra bandwidth, etc.

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New personal project/experiment

In: Design Typography

10 March 2012 | No Comments

Hello yet again. It's been about a month since my new website went live and I have been really busy with some university exams and some other projects of mine.

This short post is going to be about a simple idea I had a few months back, after I got back to Greece from the UK and this time it's going to be pretty simple and effective.

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Brand New Portfolio

In: General

4 February 2012 | No Comments

Hello and welcome to my brand new portfolio.

This is IliasIovis.com version 3.0 and hopefully this one will last more than a year. Apart from my portfolio I will also try to keep this blog updated with anything new that I find useful, or any articles I might publish elsewhere. Maybe some nice CSS3 or HTML5 tutorials from time to time. So keep an eye here.

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